Gonzo.us wins Imperia Online Nomads Invasion: Civil War

The Argentinian rising star managed to dethrone Sir_Xari in his signature tournament.

We kinda got used to see Sir_Xari being the Top Dog in the Nomads Invasion tournaments, because he won the last 3 tournaments in a row.

But somebody obviously forgot to give the memo to Gonzo.us, who marched towards the title like it’s nobody’s business in the 15th edition of Imperia Online’s cult classic.

The Argentinian, who was one of the central figures in the USA’s World Cup title last year had enough energy left to beat the Hall of Fame’s leader in his own back yard.

And he did it with style, finishing Undefeated and getting the individual achievement for Ultimate Warrior, Defender, Economist and Technocrat.

Such domination in this tournament shows that Gonzo.us had some extensive preparation and he had clear goals and, which is more important – the means to achieve these goals.

We cannot leave the other major player’s performance unnoticed – n1marius. He is another player en route to greatness in Imperia Online and Nomads: Civil War was an important milestone he had to overcome. And he delivered – 3rd place overall and two individual achievements to take home: Plunderer and Strategist.

All in all, the big losing one in this tournament was Sir_Xari, who, although winning the silver, was far from his usual shape. Yes, he still leads comfortably in Hall of Fame, but his performance in the Nomads 15 should be a red lamp for him.

We should also mention BONAPARTEew, who managed to squeeze in between the Big Boys, grabbing the Bloodiest Warrior achievement – no small feat, which deserves respect.

All in all Nomads Invasion: Civil War live to its expectations – a hardcore environment, in which only the toughest ones survive.

Thank you all for your participation, great warriors!

See you next time! The Horde must be stopped!

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