Have you ever thought about your game as an asset?

Selling one of your assets to get the right focus is a proven success strategy

We at Imperia Online JSC specialize in game production. We became part of Stillfront Group 2 years ago and Stillfront is a leading free-to-play powerhouse of gaming studios. So our diverse and exciting games portfolio has two common themes: loyal users and long lifecycle games, which we achieve through market knowledge, technology, processes, game expertise, distribution, optimization, QA, and localization, as we are live-ops experts! We have been running live games for 15 years but never as a sole service so it made a lot of sense to us to to start looking for more projects to acquire! 

We are here to spare you the time investment on research if you are looking for this kind of service as we are gladly offering to buy your game asset and boost it! After all, you’d definitely want your title to be in good hands and especially with an experienced team full of professionals.

As a long-time developer and publisher, we know how hard it is to give away a game. But when you start comparing the benefits and the negatives, the positives definitely exceed in numbers. 

So… sell your asset? If in the past couple of years your title has gone a little stale and regardless of your tries to boost its life, still it doesn’t seem to work, you might consider some help from experts or even sell it. Giving it to us through a M&A deal to revive the game is a win-win situation for both parties – you don’t sell the whole company, just the asset. Additionally, you can learn a lot from experienced studios for your own future projects. You will be making a profit and simultaneously moving your focus on to your successful game, now that you have access to money for UA.


Over the years we’ve had numerous projects of ours and now we are in the lookout for taking on a completely new one after our most recent successful games – Siege World War II and Baloot Royale.

Do you have a game with a declining revenue? An asset that just slows you down? We are here and ready to buy it! 

We know how to handle a big IP and the additional info below will provide you with the necessary bravery to take this leap forward. You can be certain that with our expertise throughout the years we will improve the game.

We understand the basics and have the tools, we just need to analyze the game and get started! 

Reasons why we are the best choice 

First and foremost we specialise in MMO, RTS, RPG, Action, Strategy, Simulations, City Building, Arcade genres and if you have a game that fits this category with a declining trend of revenue, we are here to help! 

We are here to clear your head of this burden and give you the opportunity to invest your time and money on that important project you’ve been thinking about in the last couple of months.  You’ve probably got some ideas in mind, correct? 

Let’s talk maths. A game can be a very costly asset, especially when you haven’t seen any progression in it in recent years. What net revenue do you actually generate after all the external costs? UA can be really expensive, commission and wages, too, depending where you are based. In the end you are left with a reasonable amount of money which is nowhere near an equivalent to all the hard work you and your team has probably done for the game for 12 months. 

If you have better games and this is just a project in which you don’t see any sense investing more time, we at Imperia Online would be glad to take it over and support you while you focus on your most successful projects. 

We at Imperia Online JSC apply research and analytic techniques from our 15+ years of developing and publishing games on profit in order to extract your key selling points, project your ROI and assess your infrastructure.

Our current projects include a game from our sister-company Simutronics called Siege: World War II, which we took at the beginning of 2020. It was in a spiral of sharp fall, with a projection that it cannot cover the costs for the servers in 6 months. We have turned it into a stable title, without losing DAU and revenue. Post-launch content is crucial – we introduce new features, exclusive offers, live events, bundles and ect. By launching this new content, through leverage analytics we figure out what features users engage with, and what they are actually buying and hence we raise its profits.

If you’ve been trying for a while now to revive your game which has been in decline and still you don’t see any positive effects on it, the right choice would be to try selling it and reason being is that in the end it is possible that your studio might even turn out to be on a minus from all its costs. 


We are the right partner for you but are you for us?

Don’t think for a second that if you’re giving your game to an external company, you won’t have a say in what’s happening with it. Keeping a close communication from both parties is a sign for a progressive and long-term partnership and that’s what we do on a daily basis. We will also be able to advise your team on the design of your game, from art, to audio, and everything in between.

So.. best place to meet us? Events and conferences! We at Imperia Online JSC surely don’t miss anything if you’ve been following us on our social media. Don’t feel intimidated approaching anyone, everyone is friendly and if you end up not touching grounds the best outcome would be to at least receive some advice on your questions!

If you would like to know more about Selling game assets please write to us on our Biz Dev mail biz.dev@imperiaonline.org where we can schedule a call and if you’re interested share some KPIs in between ourselves. 

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