Have you heard the rumours? There’s a new Emperor in town

When there is a new ruler, new rules are bound to be established. So, read on and rethink your strategies, regroup and be ready!

It’s the Imperia Online’s 10th Appiversary

Loyal Imperians, it has been ten exciting and challenging years since we debuted the first app by Imperia Online JSC. This takes us all the way back to 2009, a year marked by firsts – Barack Obama was elected president and became the first African-American president of the USA; Bitcoin was released and the first blockchain database was devised; and Imperia Online marched to conquer mobile devices worldwide. It was a year to remember…

How we grew?

As every youngling ever, we tried, failed and came back better, we listened to your wishes and obliged; and now we look ahead at new territories to venture in. But we know we are on the right track, as you continually put us in the leading positions in your mobile stores – thank you! Over the years we published the whooping 22 mobile games – here are some of the most prominent titles:

  • Imperia Online
  • Imperial Hero
  • Seasons of War
  • Game of Emperors
  • Kingdoms Online

The new rule…

As you know, every leader has his own vision, no exception is our new Emperor in Imperia Online, changes are bound to happen. It is up to you to adapt. But fret not, the Emperor is here to guide his trusted Imperians and help them vanquish their enemies. So, who is he? His name is Henry. Emperor Henry. He has fought tirelessly for a decade and thus brought the whole continent to his knees – becoming the ultimate ruler, yet something was still missing.
Will you dare to hazard a guess what it was?
You might’ve guessed it right… you might’ve guessed it wrong…
You might just have to wait and see, just as the rest of us…

The game…

Did you read carefully or did you miss the essence?

Let’s repeat, every leader has his own vision. Emperor Henry, the charmer he is, persuaded the hard-working Imperial designers to tailor the game graphics to suit his tastes. You can expect new buildings, new tutorials, 4 new units with a unique look and many more generous gifts from His Imperial Majesty. I am not allowed to share those or will lose my head. The Emperor might be a charmer, but he is just and follows the rule of law. I will only say: If you are to please him and earn some goodies for yourself be ready for battle – an invasion is coming. ⚔️

The celebration…

You didn’t think that is all, right?

The 10th Appiversary Edition is now supported by Google Play with a special global featuring in the store to help us celebrate in a… royal way. The list goes on, because we wanted to have the best celebration possible, so we created a comics to support the great story of Emperor Henry and his return. There are now also 3D figures of our castles in our office to immerse us the Imperial world.

Last, but not least – we wanted everyone to know! So we gathered some friends to spread the word. But who are they? See for yourself here and get playing with them:

Take a look at the comics “The Return of Emperor Henry” below:

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