Huge Drama and Last Minutes Losses in the Qualifiers’ End!

3 players remained undefeated in the most brutal World Cup Qualifiers so far!

Huge Drama and Last Minutes Losses in the Qualifiers' End!50 nomad waves, every 10 hours each, could not bring down all of the World Cup national contestants. 3 of them survived with their Empires absolutely intact – chainik (BG), opelastra16vv (GR) and EmperorFred (US). These warriors are already immortal and they will definitely make it into the Imperia Online‘s history books. The final day of the 2015 Qualifiers will be remembered with the glorious attempts of many Top players to repel the last giant wave, coming to destroy them. Many of them stripped their empires of all the villagers, in order to turn them into soldiers and fight to the last man. Many of them fell… but they fell with honor, keeping within the best traditions of Imperia – no retreat, no surrender, but always fight! Glory to them!

The World Cup 2015 Group Phase will starts today, around 3 PM Server Time. Our system has already seeded the nations according to their performance in the previous championships. Experts say all the attention will be fixed on Group 7, where the silver medalist from the last tournament – Croatia – will face Russia, along with the bronze medalist Iran and Georgia. Of course, we can expect surprises in each of the groups, considering how well countries like France and Germany did in the last edition of the Group Eliminations. As before, the rules are: The first 3 teams from each group go directly to the Grand Finale and the best 3 teams from those, ranked at 4th place, will receive a “wild card” as well.

The most interesting part of this year’s World Cup is yet to come.
Congratulations to all the national teams and good luck in the Group Stage!

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