Illuminatus Alliance Wins the 1st Imperia Online Olympics

The ‘conspirators’ grab 12 out of 15 possible gold medals!


No, there is no conspiracy, hidden agenda, new world order or aliens involved – the Illuminatus alliance are just THAT good. They totally dominated almost the entire Olympic tournament and deserved their decisive victory. Extremely determinate and focused, the boys and girls, who chose a really catchy name for their alliance, correctly distributed their energy reserves throughout the entire marathon and proved to everyone that team play – best play.

There is a saying that you are not a true champion, if you don’t have a true competition. Super_Ferme, KABUMMMM, ROSAE_CRUCIS, BalkanPower, AWHHHAAGGHHRRR and the rest of the Top 10 alliances proved the relevance of this saying, giving the illuminati a real run for their money. Considering the winners’ clear ambitions to get all the 15 gold medals, the victories, which Super_Ferme and KABUMMMM snatched, must’ve really hurt… We even saw some very close rankings in quite a few of the disciplines, which means that the victory was far from easy for the ‘conspirators’. But that’s what makes a competition really interesting, right?

Again, diplomacy, social skills and meta gaming played a vital role in this tournament, as many alliance leaders were faced with tough decisions how to keep their teams together and functional throughout the competition, considering the alliance membership rules. Many of these alliance leaders must be commended for their efforts and patience, as our ’Olympics drama’ was no less intense than the one in Rio de Janeiro. The numbers speak for themselves – 7369 players joined alliances, 3281 left and 1247 ones were kicked out intentionally.

And when diplomacy fails, there is one thing left – total war. And what a war it was! More than 25,000 battles between players and alliance armies were conducted during the competition, with some amazing deeds performed by the teams, like the 28 (Wow!) wars, won by the discipline winners – the AWHHHAAGGHHRRR. How do you manage to wage and win 28 wars for just 48 hours is beyond us. The total number of waged wars is 434. Can you say “war is good for business”?

And what about the last discipline – the Game of Castles? 21 times the 36 castles in the Olympic realm changed their owners. That means pretty much 1 successful castle siege in every two hours. You only have time to say ‘goodbye’ to your loved ones and send them away, so they don’t distract you from your gameplay…

All in all, the Imperial Olympics proved to be one of the most interesting events in the history of our game. Both for players and spectators. Because when you have 140 active alliances, competing in the last 168 of the event – that means you have done well and your players love it.

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