Imperia Mobile joins its first charity initiative in the spirit of Christmas


The Bulgarian Christmas

“The Bulgarian Christmas” is a charity campaign initiated by the Bulgarian President, which is led every year since 2003. Its main purpose is to encourage donations for socially significant causes concerning the well-being of Bulgaria’s children. The gathered funds aim to help with the procurement of medical equipment and supplies, ambulances and medicine for the treatment of children with diseases or disabilities.

Each year on the 1st of December the charity initiative starts with an official appeal from the President. Donations are received via telephone calls and text messages until the beginning of New Year, but bank transfers also continue in January. The campaign takes peak on the 25th of December with a live charity performance, featuring beloved Bulgarian celebrities from showbiz and the music industry, famous actors and also sports stars. “The Bulgarian Christmas” is a cause that unites people in the name of future generations and their hope for a brighter tomorrow.

This year Imperia Mobile, as part of the Imperia Online family, decided to join the cause as its first act of social responsibility. During the companies’ Christmas party, a charity initiative was organized among the employees, who made contributions based on their personal sentiment. Ultimately the Imperia family succeeded in accumulating over 2,000 BGN, which then was generously doubled by the owners of the two companies.

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