Imperia News: FIFA Tournament & PostBank Business Run

This week we decided not to share a new edition of The Invincible Warriors of Imperia Online, but to present you some interesting moments from the past week that happened in-house at IO.

As you know, the football fans are in abundance in the company! Last week was held one of our annual FIFA tournaments and it was quite the rollercoaster.

We will now tell you how a group of imperial employees enjoyed their Tuesday night, throwing their controllers in the Game Corner.

That’s right, hand sanitizers can be bought at the last minute, but not the new FIFA21, can you imagine? Of course as soon as the game was purchased it needed to be tried out and we had a very disputed and emotional tournament on Tuesday. We will tell you in a little more detail exactly how the qualifications and the final went.

The first match was between Ilian and Velichka and as a real gentleman he ONLY beat her by a margin of three goals to nil. Immediately after, Viktor Velikov and Toni Malinov’s teams came out on the virtual grass, and after a disputed battle, Malinov took away the victory. Following them, our two rapunzel look-alikes Mario and Velislav took the position on the couch and in the middle of the match Velislav realized that he would much rather be a referee and left the victory to Mario. It seems like someone is missing in the whole picture, right? Well, how can you not notice. The man whose birthday our colleagues remember after 6 months of its date, our favorite corporate player Tihomir Tomov! His opponent was the girl in camouflage shorts – Alexandra. The match was really disputed. Both gave their best, but in the end Tomov won with a modest result of 12:0.

Perhaps this is the moment when the Editorial Board is obliged to ask the reasonable question: Why did Tomov need to defeat the poor girl with such a devastating result? We are sure that the defenseless Alex cried for a long time after the match and only the sedatives which are present in the company’s medical drawer managed to bring her back to reality. #TomovApologiseNow

Despite the horrible defeat Alex still made a little video for the whole tournament which you can view here:

Well, if you are wondering who became the total champion, the answer is – our favourite cat lover – Ilian with a score of 5:3. Side by side with Tomov, goal after goal, ties, screams, banging and rolling on the carpet … what a match! After a lot of blood and sweat, Ilian managed to prove that he has earned all the trophies on his desk! 

Now if you think that the only racing spirit we have at Imperia Online is composed by sitting on the sofa in the Game Hall and in front of the PlayStation – you are very wrong! Seven of our colleagues – Mario, Bobby, Kiril, Dimitar, Velichka, Mihaela and Vicky – took part in this year’s charitable marathon of the Postbank Business Run in which we actively participate every year, don’t think otherwise.

The charity revolves around the idea that every child with intellectual disabilities, through an individual approach, can unlock the potential of every child and promote the development of their strengths and interests. The funds raised from the event will be invested in the occupational therapy of young people in family-type houses in Kyustendil and Kazanlak.

So how did the running go? Great! We managed to rank 5th out of nearly 300 teams! Our boys are real robot machines, again a brilliant performance just like last year! The girls, who despite the fact that were a little worried at the beginning received a 4th participant for additional courage – not just anyone, but Dumi, the notorious imperial racer, who passed the Vitosha 100km trail not only by bike, but also by foot in the form of running. Well, in this race it wouldn’t be enough for him to run in only one team, so he ran twice on the track, contributing to the pretty good pace of the second imperial team!

It was an honour for us to participate in this event once again! We hope the whole team had fun too!

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