Imperia Online at Game Connection, Paris

Our COO was a lecturer along with some of the biggest in business

Imperia Online at Game Connection, Paris

This fall our game studio was yet again busy travelling around the world.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Cvetan Rusimov, was invited to one of the biggest events in the calendar this year – the Game Connection, held in Paris, France.

The first order of business for him was to give his lecture on the topic of “Hacking the human brain. Irrational Thinking will triple your revenue”.
In 2015 Imperia Online Ltd. won the 14th place for revenue growth of 592% in Central Europe at the Deloitte awards. The studio’s success was built on multiple pillars, but the major ones were sales, which the team tripled by a few small tricks on the payment page. All of them were learnt by Dan Ariely’s book “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions”. Cvetan Rusimov completely “dissected” the book, showing examples how and what we tried to implement from the theory, how we failed, and how we succeeded. He demonstrated the power of neurological science and how people can use it in their favor, from a business perspective.

The second important job for our Director was to hold and moderate a panel, along with 5 other “big players” from the gaming industry, called “Are Community Managers The Real Many-Faced Gods?”

The panel covered key points about how to be successful through understanding the role of community management. The panelists have a broad base of comprehensive experience in building Community Management and Customer Services Teams, and they all shared good practices on the following frequently asked questions: How to validate a scale to measure players’ mood? Which tools are good enough to help you? Is it a myth that in-house CM knows better your players? To outsource CS or not? Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager! Who is more important Social Influencers or Whales?

Do we need super heroes when we rely on CM?

And, believe us, when we say that we had a lot of experience to share about this topic, as we are continuing to cater and grow our many and quite different player communities. Because, after all – it’s the players that make the game a serious business.

Imperia Online at Game Connection, Paris

Imperia Online at Game Connection, Paris

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