Imperia Online at OpenNebula as a lecturer

Our studio’s IT Department shared their insides with the crowd about how do you get from the “iron” to the “cloud”.

We all are used to take our beloved game as granted.

But it’s only as “granted”, when its hardware and infrastructure services are top notch.

That’s where our IT Department comes into play, because they have probably the most important job in the entire company – to make sure our game runs all the time.

On May 16 our Tech guys were speakers at OpenNebula TechDay Sofia.

The OpenNebula Cloud TechDays are day-long educational and networking events, at which you learn about OpenNebula. They are targeted for Cloud Architects, Data Center Administrators, System Administrators and Integrators, DevOps Architects, Solution Architects and many more.

Our System Administrators Borislav Mitev and Dimitar Tsankov presented a lecture titled “Imperia Online – from the “iron” to the “cloud”, in which they showed some numbers, which would make your head spin.

And – yes, their work is extremely important, because thanks to their efforts and competence, we all can enjoy Imperia Online 24/7.

Because what else is there besides the Imperia?

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