Imperia Online Battle Royale II on the Horizon

Spring is at our doorstep. So is the second edition of our survival tournament.

You have asked for it.

And we obliged.

Imperia Online Battle Royale is back and it will once again shatter the lands of Imperia!

Weather is getting warmer, nature is waking up from the winter slumber, flowers are blossoming, birds are singing in the trees, love is in the air…


What matters is that all of you, mighty warriors, will be once again pitted against each other in a brutal survival ruleset and there can be only one at the end – THE SOLE SURVIVOR!

So, get ready for a whole new experience in the tournament, as we will make some much needed changes:


  • Total Elimination Phase Overhaul – more players will remain in the tournament after each stage, so more players will fight for the title and more players will cause pain to each other, which is always fun.
  • Total Ranking Overhaul – now your overall performance and actions during each stage of the tournament will matter more, as we will change the formula, which determines your current ranking position.


There will be other changes as well, which we hope will make this onslaught even more exciting.

Expect detailed info in the days to come, but more importantly, get ready to face each other in your favorite hardcore event!

Imperia Online Battle Royale II is coming!

Get ready to brawl!


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