Imperia Online between China and UK

Once again the planet is too small for our studio.

Imperia Online between China and UK

What do China and UK have in common? Well, in the last two weeks they were brought together by none other than yours truly Imperia Online!

Our COO Cvetan Rusimov was honored by International Mobile Gaming Awards China to be member of the jury, whose task was to choose the best mobile games for 2016. As we all know IMGA is now the mobile gaming industry’s leading showcase for groundbreaking innovations, displaying exceptional quality and new trends in mobile entertainment, whether the games are made for the iPhone, for Android Phones or other platforms. It was held for the first time in China – surely a sign of the ever-growing Asian market. According to Mr. Rusimov, he had to play well over 100 games during his time as a juror. So, it is big deal. For real.


After the deed was done, our director, who knows no rest, traveled to London, UK, to attend and speak at the Mobile Games Forum. The topic, which Mr. Rusimov, along with Leonard Frankel, CEO of ClanPlay, Anton Gauffin, Founder & CEO of Huuuge Games and Henry Lowenfels, VP Business Development of Scopely discussed, was more than interesting: Trends in Mobile Clan Games: How to Drive Monetisation Forward for Clan Game Play. Again – big deal, considering our company’s years-long experience in creating online, social team-oriented competitive games.
So, year 2017 kicks off with a blast for Imperia Online.
And the best is yet to come!


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