Imperia Online Celebrates Easter with Gifts and Events

We have prepared massive amounts of goodies and fun for our players during the upcoming holidays.

Do you like Easter, guys?

Of course you do. So do we.

That’s why we will have a very serious approach towards one of the biggest holidays in the calendar!

First of all we will present all our players with free gifts – 400 items will be granted to every player, who logs into the game from March 29th to April 9th. Because we like our players happy.

But that’s not all. Because we like our players even happier and we will give them the chance to earn even more items during the same period with our famous Egg Gathering event!

From March 29th to April 9th all the Independent Cities in each Realm will hold hidden eggs. The players will have to successfully spy these cities and there will be a chance for finding a hidden egg! The eggs can then be converted to even more cool in-game items!

So, now you have not one but two reasons to spend the Easter Holidays with Imperia Online, guys.

Prepare yourselves!

Easter is coming!

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