Imperia Online celebrates its 16th birthday!

Is it really 16 years already?

It’s still like yesterday, when several friends decided it would be very cool to create a strategic game, which is set in the medieval times and can be played by many people at the same time.

And this game will be like a website.

And you will click buttons on this web-site and things will happen.

And you will have to imagine a lot of things that actually happen. 

And it will be totally realistic.

And you will spend days, months… even years… doing that.

Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Imagine how it DID sound 16 years ago.

Photo of the winning team at the World Cup tournament in Imperia Online.

Nevertheless, those guys didn’t get scared and moved on with their plan. The beginning was more than humble – a single PC, which was “The Game Server”, located in an internet cafe. During those first days we didn’t even have an office. Some of the employees, who are still with us today, we had to interview in a… gas station cafeteria. Our most senior developers, who are also still in the company to this day, didn’t have any knowledge about the programming code and the native engine of the game and they had to learn as they went.

We had many friends that contributed to the game development for free – simply because they liked the idea and wanted to be part of it. We are all gamers and nerds after all, right?

We took ourselves very seriously, though. Did you know that Imperia Online’s battle calculator was created after consulting with a real military officer, who was teaching history of warfare in Bulgaria’s biggest Military Academy? That’s why battles in Imperia Online have stood the test of time and remain one of the most realistic aspects of the game.

So, 16 years later we are now a professional studio and we continue to create games and amazing experiences for our players. And, in doing so, we earned the people’s praises in many ways.

Imperia Online was bestowed with many prestigious awards, including:

 • 2014 Deloitte. Rising Star Award in Technology Fast 50 Central Europe – 4th place in revenue growth of 498%

 • 2015 Deloitte. Rising Star Award in Technology Fast 50 Central Europe – 4th place in revenue growth of 592%

 • 2017 Forbes Award for Business Development, Client Policy and Human Resources

 • 2020 Forbes Award in Career Show Index – Best Employers in Bulgaria for 2021, 13th place

These awards show that we did our job well and we continue to do so. But the most important award for us is the fact that we remained a family throughout all those years, amongst us and with our players.

Imperia Online is more than just a job for us. More than just an office we go to every business day from 9 to 5. For us it’s a dream come true, which we have to constantly preserve, because dreams are fragile.

Here’s to at least 16 more years of making that dream come true!

Happy birthday, Imperia Online!

It’s been a crazy ride so far! We look forward to many more!

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