Imperia Online Competing For Three Awards in Paris

Imperia Online has the chance to grab three awards in this year’s Game Connection competition. The categories we’re nominated in are ‘Promising IP’, ‘Desktop Downloadable’ and ‘Hardcore Game’.

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The ceremony is going to be held on Wednesday, October 29 at 2 pm in Paris, France. Among the Judging Committee there are experts from game software giants like Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Sony and Microsoft.


GD AwardsIO is described by the event runners as ‘hopefuls’, along with the other Bulgarian nominee in three categories – Masthead Studios with their hit creation ‘Guns and Robots’. However, Masthead is among our rivals in the ‘Desktop Downloadable’ category only. We’re also competing for said prize with French developers Area Effect (‘Izle’), US-based company Night Light Interactive (‘Whispering Willows’) and Austrian game creators Zeppelin Studio (‘Schein’).

‘Izle’ by Area Effect is among IO’s competitors in the ‘Promising IP’ category as well. The other three runners there are ‘Pix the Cat’ by Pastagames (France), ‘Overkill 3’ by Craneball Studios (Czech Republic) and ‘Warhammer 40.000: Space Wolf’ by Hero Craft (Russia).

In the ‘Hardcore Game’ category we’re facing ‘Izle’ yet again. Same goes for ‘Warhammer 40.000: Space Wolf’ and ‘Schein’. The last competitors for said prize are the Italians from Illusion Group&Riccardo Boccuzzi with ‘Perfect Circles’.


Game Connection Europe is the leading European conference for industry professionals, which brings together the biggest names and most promising newcomers to gather and do business together, and to increase their industry knowledge (with sessions and Master Classes).

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