Imperia Online cooks for Good Cause

Our studio’s employees, besides gaming, have a passion for cooking as well. “Passion” being an understatement.

We, at Imperia Online, never miss an opportunity to get involved in a good cause.

And this year it is helping a little girl from the town of Ruse, Bulgaria, diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

So, we have decided that we can both contribute and have fun at the same time.

Many of our employees have this passion for cooking and we have determined that it was about time to take advantage of it.

Thus, the people were asked to cook some Christmas Delights and bring them in the studio’s HQ, the rest of us can buy it and the money we paid can go to the good cause!

It was a win-win situation, but it was definitely more win for the people, who had the pleasure tasting the magnificent cakes, candies, cookies, etc., which quickly made us forget we are actually at work…

But that wasn’t the biggest problem. Oh, no.

The biggest problem was we couldn’t eat all the food in one day!

We had to leave the food for the next day and there was no telling who will come to work earlier and eat it all…

But overall, it was fun and we are glad we could help someone in need.

Till next time, Homemade Christmas Candies!

We miss you already!

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