Imperia Online: Dominion Rush – Something We’ve Never Seen Before

The new game tournament is on its way to blow our heads off.

Dominion Rush

When in doubt – make a new tournament. That’s our new motto here, in Imperia Online.
And there is no doubt that the new tournament will present the players with never before seen excitement, pressure and pain. Oh, we mean – fun! Fun, of course!

In Dominion Rush things will get nasty. The ruleset is more hardcore than anything we’ve put together before. Forget about Nomads Invasions, where your only problem is how to outsmart the system. Forget about Games, where your only problem is how to adjust to each discipline and plan your gameplay. Forget about the World Cup, where you have it easy, with 30 people in your alliance. In fact – forget about everything.
The time has come to get back to our roots.
Let’s point out the important stuff and you will see what do we mean:

• No homeless population – Why? Because you simply won’t have time to deal with these lazy subjects;
• Alliances are limited to 10 members – Let’s see the looks on your faces, when you have to choose…;
• 36 castles, which are conquerable, but which are attackable by nomads every 2 hours – How long can you actually hold them with your tiny alliance?
• Defensive points, which teams accumulate, while holding castles, but which automatically go to the alliance, which has taken your castle – Because some people (our game designers) just want to watch the world burn;
• Oh, did we mention that the nomad attacks will be so strong, no alliance would be able to hold a castle indefinetly?

Do you need more?
If the answer is “NO”, then log into the game and register your account (it has to be level 20+) for Dominion Rush!
The most brutal tournament in the entire history of Imperia Online is expecting you.
We hope you are ready…

Full tournament rules can be found here.

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