Imperia Online Employee Rewarded by Forbes Bulgaria Magazine!

Ilian Iliev: I still have much to learn and I know how much I don’t know!


Ilian Iliev is a prime example how a person without any IT knowledge, undergone the Imperia Online’s “IT Talents” academy, can become a top software developer in a company, which have existed for 10 years already. He is the proof that this company endeavor to educate young and motivated people completely free of charge, works. Thanks to Ilian’s diligence, Imperia Online has been successfully integrated in Windows Store and goes through many updates, making the players extremely happy. And this leads to the game being published by Game Troopers and Microsoft’s acknowledgement, which featured it in the Xbox family – the first Bulgarian game to even be there. Therefore the reward Ilian Received – 2nd place in the “Employee of the Year” category by Forbes Bulgaria Magazine – seems pretty logical.

Is this recognition a surprise to you?
Well… Yes. I knew I would be nominated, but then again – the other participants were high and middle managers, and Forbes Bulgaria is business-oriented after all.

How does it feel to be in the spotlight?
It feels great, although speaking in front of a crowd is not one of my strongest skills.

Can you say now that you have accomplished your dream?
No. These things were never my goal. Maybe that’s why they happen to me.

Have you ever thought that you would accomplish so much for so little time?
No. I think it’s a matter of persistence and luck. I still have much to learn and I know how much I don’t know!

What qualities must a person have, in order to establish themselves in the IT area?
They have to be consistent, tenacious and constant in their desire to develop more. The most important is, of course, to like what you do. To create something out of nothing. Things happen easily then. If your main motivator is the paycheck, your results will be mostly disappointing. And, there is no place for whining, for sure.

What happens next? What else would you like to achieve?
Time will tell. For me the most important is to do what I want and to improve myself.


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