Imperia Online – Events for the last fours months!

This is where we belong, where we feel at home.

We miss our events.

We miss our conferences.

We miss our friends and partners.

Due to the changes we have to endure because of the COVID-19 crisis, we didn’t get to travel very much. Yes, we had some offline parties in Sofia – SweCham party, BBLF Awards, IT Talents got nominated for Knowledge Investor, but of course it was nowhere near the life experience and atmosphere there is on site.

We still missed our friends and partners. Because we are social animals, you know. But then 2021 came and things got a little better. The world took a breath from the horrible disease and real time events started to happen again, which made us very happy and things were looking promising for the conferences to return back to normal. In the meantime we didn’t stop attending some of the digital conferences.

Some of our last events where our Team participated in were:

First and foremost Alexander Ivanov was a speaker on Nordic Games Conference (May 26-28) with his presentation for “Live-Ops and their importance for your game”

Then Anya Stoyanova presented the audience of Hamburg Games Conference (June 16-17) with her lecture “From Dev to Pub”

We attended online at White Nights in St. Petersburg (July 6-7).

And Vasil Gospodinov charmed the attendees on PGC Digital #7 (July 12-16) with his lecture about the “Best Monetisation Practices”

In our willingness to always learn new things from the best, we watched some online lectures as well – MeetToMatch San Francisco and IronSource Level Up 2021.

And let’s not forget the upcoming Devcom, to which we will definitely attend online, because traditions are important to us.

Let’s hope that we will have lots more opportunities to travel and meet our friends and partners all over the world. The most recent one that will be happening is DevGamm which will be held on 6-7th of September, where Vasil will be attending on site in Moscow as he will be a speaker there. You can write to us at to schedule a meeting.

We can’t wait for more offline events!

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