Imperia Online gifts its players with 400 items!

The time has come to celebrate our game’s 13th birthday the only way we know – with gifts.

You thought that festivities for Imperia Online’s 13th birthday are over?

You thought we would just throw a party by ourselves and you will not be invited?

You thought we will celebrate our birthday without all of you, who made this game great?

Think again.

As of today, September 11th, 2018, we will give out 400 temporary items to all players, who log into their in-game accounts.

That’s right, all you need to do during the next 9 days, is log into the game and – PUFF! – you got 400 items in your inventory.

Because we like presents.

And we like giving them to you.

Thank you for being with us all these years, noble warriors!

This is your birthday too!

Enjoy your presents!

And… Here is for at least 13 more years of Imperia Online!

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