Imperia Online Giveaway for Black Friday

Our players will receive free stuff on the last November Friday!


No matter if you are new player, old player, low-net-worth player, high-net-worth player, fighter, farmer, diplomat, aggressor, conqueror, peacemaker…

You are all getting a grand gift from Imperia Online upon login on November 24th, 2017, a.k.a Black Friday!

This time we have decided that instead of offering our players discounts and sassy packages, we might as well just give them presents!

555 presents, to be precise!

Each player in Imperia Online will receive 555 items upon login on Black Friday as a token of our gratitude and appreciation for your time spent with us and for your constant efforts to make the game the way it is today.

That’s right, people – 555 items await you on November 24th, 2017!

All you need to do is login and enjoy your free stuff!

Thank you and… Strength and Honor, brave warriors!

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