Imperia Online goes Battle Royale Mode

The unimaginable has happened – we will launch a tournament with a Battle Royale ruleset.

They were saying it’s impossible for Imperia Online to create a defense tournament.

So, we created Nomads Invasions.

They were saying a national teams competition would be impossible to be created in our game.

So, we created the World Cup.

They were saying we cannot have Olympics style competition in Imperia Online.

Now we have Winter, Spring and Summer Games.

Now Battle Royale ruleset is universally acknowledged and again people don’t believe we can do it…

So, we decided to create a Battle Royale tournament.

Yes, you read right – for the first time in our history, we present you Imperia Online Battle Royale!

Imagine a realm with a Deathmatch ruleset – a complete solo PvP hardcore environment, which… shrinks!

No Barbarians, no Castles, no alliances, no distraction whatsoever!

It gets better – players will not only attack each other, but they will also have the option to… destroy each other!

Yes, each time you successfully siege an enemy Fortress, it will drop by a level. And when that level becomes 0, the province is destroyed!

And if you manage to do this in the Capital, well… you delete the enemy player and earn a kill point!

To add salt to the injury, each Round in the tournament our beloved System will automatically eliminate players, which didn’t rank high enough!

Until, at the end, there can only be one – The Sole Survivor, who will become the tournament winner!

This is all you need to know, in order to register for this amazing event!

Question is – do you have the courage to join?

We dare you to prove your worth!

Imperia Online Battle Royale Registrations and full tournament rules will be launched on May 2nd.

You are all welcome!

In the end there can be only one!

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