Imperia Online goes full Winter Mode

How about you spend the Christmas Holidays with us? It’s worth it.

Ah, winter – the perfect season for invasion and conquering the Realms of Men.

Also, the perfect season for quite the opposite, if you play Imperia Online, for example.

How about the Realms of Men actually enjoy some quality time during the Christmas Holidays for a change?

It all starts today until December 31st with your favorite Winter Initiative!

  • Winter Village Artwork, which includes… well, snow everywhere! The Global Events will be covered in snow as well and chilling temperatures are to be expected, while players are running them;
  • The Winter Invasion is back! No one is safe! Players are encouraged to assault Jolly Barbarians, Independent Cities and Barbarian Camps to gain points, which will rank them for an exclusive Winter Chest, full of goodies!
  • The Christmas Holiday Protection starts on December 23rd, 3 PM Server Time and will end on December 26th, 3 PM Server Time!
  • The New Year Holiday Protection starts on December 30th, 3 PM Server Time and will end… Next year, January 2nd, 3 PM Server Time!
  • The White Walkers will attack Winterfell on… oh, wait, that’s news for another time.

So, fellas, winter is here.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy it both in Imperia Online and with your family and loved ones!

Happy Holidays!

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