Imperia Online Grand Slam? Yes, Please!

Winning several major events through the year will now mean something for our players

Imperia Online Grand Slam

Every tennis fan knows what Grand Slam is. We (among many other things) are also huge tennis fans as well. So, we know what great achievement is for a single tennis-player to win all the 4 major tennis competitions in one year frame, because there are only 2 male and 3 female players, who have ever succeeded in winning them.

Therefore we have decided that it would be quite epic, if we have our very own Grand Slam achievement. Because the more bragging rights our players can have, the better. Plus – winning Imperia Online tournaments is very serious business, right?
The rules are quite simple – you, as players, need to have one of these medals won through a one-year frame:

• Lords of the Realm award;
• Olympic medal;
• World Cup medal;

The World Cup medal can be replaced by a Finalist medal, because we realize that being in the game’s most elite event Final is an amazing achievement by itself.

So… Are you going for the Grand Slam, people?

Oh, and by the way – don’t worry, if your are missing an Olympic medal, because the Imperia Online Winter Olympic games are coming in February 2017!

The time has come for some skiing and some Grand Slams to be won!

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