Imperia Online Grows Mustaches to Raise Awareness

Our studio’s gentlemen spent the entire November growing their facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health.

DSC_0063When you need to see and feel the manhood in men, you call the gentlemen in Imperia Online and you ask them to grow their beards and mustaches.

It is even better when you do this for a noble cause.

This year our studio raises awareness for one of the most common men health problems – prostate cancer and many other health issues. Our team gave its support to Mission Courage – Virtus Quest and had a lot of fun trimming the moustache during this month.

So, our men were called to arms to not shave for a whole month and grow some overly manly facial hair!

And they performed admirably!

A special jury, made of their female colleagues were gathered to bare the burden of deciding whose beard is the coolest one!

And since the choice was way too hard they decided that everyone should win.

So, our bearded gentlemen received nice prizes and the pleasure to be admired by everyone!

Ultimately we had a lot of fun and it was for a good cause!

Because men’s health – best health!


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