Imperia Online Hall of Fame is finally here

It took us some time, but we finally did it – now everyone can see the game has a history.

What is the single most important drive behind a ruler’s acts during his reign?

The legacy.

That, which you will be remembered with.

When the great Achilleas was preparing for battle, the runner, who had to summon him to the battlefield said:

“I would never fight that giant you are about to face!”

To which the Hero replied:

“Then no one will remember your name.”

Imperia Online proudly presents its newest and long-waited feature – Hall of Fame – the place, which will make people remember your name!

Placed on Imperia Online’s main website, the Hall of Fame will contain the history of all Eras in all Realms of Imperia Online in the last decade.

Each visitor of the main page will now be able to browse the game’s entire history and see how the epic struggles between the mighty alliances in our game have ended.

All the victors, who dominated entire Realms, full of thousands of players, will be there and they will forever remain in our memories.

But that’s not all.

Because not only will there be the history of our game in the Hall of Fame… there will also be Players’ Year Ranking, which will track the 100 best players in the game each year!

The ranking is formed based on the players’ performance in competing for Realm domination, tournaments and many other individual achievements.

It is time for your names, Noble Heroes, to be remembered!

One comment on “Imperia Online Hall of Fame is finally here
  1. Hall of fame is really great thing, congratulations! I would like also to see tournament results, like World cup or Nomads Invasion.
    Also I dont see my points based from medals for World cup finalist 2018 (nick Kiki24071971), while my colleges have points for national candidates.

    Best regards

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