Imperia Online has Gifts for Your Christmas

Here are some advices on how to spend your Christmas as safely as possible with our game.


Last Christmas we gave you no presents.

This Christmas will be quite different.

Because we have learned.

So, what are your plans for the upcoming holidays?

Because if you haven’t decided what to do, here are some advices from us – the professionals:

  1. Buy all the necessary presents for your entire family, especially for your mother in law and give them in advance – this way you will have an extremely happy family, which will not bother you throughout the entire holidays.
  2. Make sure you stock up with plenty of food – if you send away your loved ones on a Christmas Cruise Ship, you will be alone, so you need nourishment. Don’t forget to send the dog with them as well – you don’t need someone to share your pizza with.
  3. Log into Imperia Online from December 24th to December 27th to receive your free 555 items as a Christmas gift from Imperia Online! These 555 free items worth 2,000,0000 Diamonds!
  4. Keep log into the game on December 20th, 28th and 30th to get your hands on our super-duper Christmas offers!
  5. In fact – you have to work very hard not to get involved with Imperia Online during the upcoming holidays. Because it’s impossible.

So, now you have been informed.

Start the planning immediately!

One comment on “Imperia Online has Gifts for Your Christmas
  1. Thank you for the gifts! Merry Christmas to you and the loved ones! Best wishes for the New Year! You are doing a wonderful job with the game!

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