Imperia Online has successfully launched the x20 Realm

Almost 7000 players have registered for the newest thing in IO – the Ultrablitz.

12 – remember that figure.

For it is the number of days the players will have to determine who is the best among them in the fastest gameplay environment Imperia Online has come up with so far.

We have never done this before and, frankly, we had some concerns whether to do it or not, because – x20, of course.

But the number of players, who answered our call to enter and battle in this realm, proved our concerns were pointless.

Therefore we thank you, boys and girls, for yet again trusting us with your time and devotion.

And, speaking of time… it will be the major obstacle, which the players should have to tackle.

Who will be the one to adapt for the shortest period of time?

What would be the next best strategy, born from this new realm?

And, the most important question – who will be the winner of the first Ultrablitz Realm?

All the answers will come to us on April 23rd, 2018.

Good luck in the x20 Speed Realm, noble warriors!

You’re gonna need it.


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