Imperia Online Ltd. in Bulgaria Top 25

Our studio is the 23rd most valuable company income-wise in Bulgaria’s IT industry.


2016 was yet another extremely successfull year for Imperia Online, as it kept its position in the Big Boys’ club of best IT businesses in Bulgaria.
Considering the fact that the total income generated by IT companies in Bulgaria is 2 bil. leva and the Top 25 of these companies generate one third of it, we can safely say that we did very well last year. To say the least.

Those 25 companies’ growth is nearly two times bigger than the branch average, making them the main driving force for the business in our country and, in fact – the group, with which all others must defer. And those “other’s” number is more than 3,000…

More than 19,000 people are engaged in IT industry in Bulgaria, with more than 7,500 employed in the Top 25.

Experts say that 2017 will be even more successful and dynamic, with more and more investments made in the sector and more foreign companies setting up shops in Bulgaria.
Interesting times are ahead of us, indeed.


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