Imperia Online in Partnership with Play 3arabi

Kingdoms Online come to all the players in MENA region.


We all know how much you, our players, love alliances. But believe us when we say that we alliances as well! And not just those you create in our game. We also love alliances, which help our products reach more and more players.

Thus, a new alliance was born – the leading MENA publisher Play 3arabi partnered with Imperia Online and together we launched our game under the name of Kingdoms Online for iOS and Android. The game is fully localized in Arabic, we changed the soundtrack to be appropriate for MENA and we also provided a special game art, including clothing and architecture, to prove our worth.

Play 3arabi is a mobile games publisher focused on Arabic. Their mission is to bring high quality games to more than 300 million Arabic-speaking users. They always keep an eye out for great games from all over the world. And their eye is now fixed on us. Which is a great honor.

So, are we ready for Kingdoms Online? Yes!

Are you?

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