Imperia Online is now a Climate Neutral Certified Company

We are extremely happy with the honor we have been bestowed.

In an ever increasing concern about the world environment and social responsibility, all companies must lead by example with their efforts to uphold high ethical values. Imperia Online is no exception and we have been striving for this goal from the very start of our existence.

We have always worked hard on building a sustainable company on three dimensions – Environment, Social and Governance. We also founded and participated in various important activities and events:

  • We have been recycling our waste and we participated in the “Clean Bulgaria for 1 day” events;
  • Kaloyan Ganchev, our Executive Producer, gave a presentation for the students at TUES (Technological School “Electronic Systems” at the Technical University of Sofia) regarding the Gaming Industry and tips and tricks on successful game development two years in a row. Additionally Imperia Online became an official sponsor for the TUES Fest 2021 where students pitch the projects they’ve created. And we welcome interns from TUES through the whole year.
  • Step for Bulgaria – students with an interest in creating games from different schools in Bulgaria to which we presented and then took some for an online internship.
  • Forbes Bulgaria shared that Imperia Online was one of the top 50 IT employers (on the 13th place): according to the Career Show Index. The index distinguishes the achievements of companies in the technology sector based on their performance in the most respected business rankings in the country for the last 2 years.
  • Some other include the Code of Conduct which we introduced to all of our employees and is to improve our corporate and professional behaviour, Age Protection Guidelines implemented to all of our games, and Responsible Marketing Policy.

Since becoming part of Stillfront Group, Imperia Online has been able to further expand its abilities to change the world for the better. Stillfront Group compensated for all of the emissions created by using our products by investing in two projects:

  • Bhadla solar power is a project that focuses on sustainable electricity generation, replacing fossil fuels with the production of renewable energy for the Indian grid.
  • The Isangi forest conservation project – protects over 187,000 hectares of a biodiverse rainforest from deforestation.

There are many more projects we can undertake and we will try to get involved as much as we can. Because we want to be accepted as a company, which is, above all, responsible.

If you want to know more about how Stillfront is reducing its carbon footprint, you can get more information here:

Let’s change the world together!

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