Imperia Online is now a Joint Stock Company

We are changing our company structure.

Things change.

Companies change.

Same goes for Imperia Online, which decided to make an important move and change its structure from LTD. to JSC.

Our company name will remain the same – no other aspects of the company structure such as shareholder structure, management, website (except for the new design, which is really cool), email addresses, banking details, phone Nos or whatsoever will not change.

The new business entity form and VAT will naturally be reflected on the European Commission website: within a few days and on all media channels with effect from 7th of May, 2018.

The change will bring us even closer to our existing and to many new potential partners we will have. Proof that we made the right call are the new deals we made with major portals like the Game of Emperors launch in Armor Games. Expect the game to be live this week!

And that’s just the beginning! So, here is to the bright future of Imperia Online JSC and all our friends and partners!

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