Imperia Online JSC reveals the invincible warriors behind the company

Welcome to Imperia Offline. We have decided to make an edition in which every week we are going to present you people from our team. Each of them is unique in their own way and contributes to the company.

 Today, we introduce you Velichka Georgieva – Junior HR  from our Administration & HR team. She is the person behind the idea to renew this rubric and show you a little bit more of the life of each employee.

Run away because Velichka turned out to be a former javelin and discus thrower. In addition, she has been part of an ensemble for folk songs and dances “Slaveyche” for 10 years. Thanks to her voice, she conquered the Bulgarian stage of the reality music competition – X Factor.

Velichka considers herself to be an artistic person. Lately, the theatre has got her attention but she has not thought about a future career any time soon. What is more, she is very passionate about photography but for now, she keeps her masterpieces to herself.

During her free time, she loves travelling. The mountain is her happy place and one can usually find her climbing high peaks or pitching a tent somewhere in the woods.

Another hobby of hers is drawing which makes all of her problems go away and makes her feel more relaxed.

We hope you find out new weekly bulletin intriguing. Until next week folks!

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