Imperia Online launches Winter Games 2020

Snow, cold and total war – we know you want it!

Who wants to have a fight in the snow?

We know the DeathSquad alliance does!

When you win 13 gold medals out of 13 disciplines in the last Winter Games, what do you do?

Well, you want to do it again, of course!

And Imperia Online’s most prominent “Winter Alliance” will have a chance of repeating its grand feat on February 10th.

So, if DeathSquad is at the ready for yet another title, we ask ourselves – will there be anyone to trully challenge them?

Jeriko, Old_Friends, Corsarios, Olimp, JedyMaster_Yoda, Leguinea_RO and red_star alliances tried. They all won medals.

Now we are all waiting for them to make a stand against DeathSquad. Will it happen?

Only time will tell.

The registrations for Imperia Online’s first tournament for the year of 2020 will be opened on January 30th.

New disciplines and 25,500,000 diamonds await for all those, who seek fame and immortality.

Get ready, warriors!

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