Imperia Online Launches x20 Speed Realm

Yes, you have read the title correctly and no, you don’t have to go to a doctor to check your eyes.

Spring is the season, during which everything wakes up and starts a new chapter in the circle of life.

Imperia Online will follow suit and start a new chapter in its history.

And an epic chapter it will be!

Pretty soon a new Realm will be opened. One, which will have a speed of x20!

Its working title is: “Don’t you dare falling asleep” and we kid you not!

Because things in this Realm can and will get real ugly, really fast!

The x20 Realm’s main features will be as follows:

  • 48 Hours Registration Period;
  • Resource Income: 20 times faster;
  • Population Growth: 20 times faster;
  • Army Upkeep: 20 times more;
  • Building Time: 20 times faster;
  • Research Time: 20 times faster;
  • Army Training: 20 times faster;
  • Army Movement: 20 times faster, but with 10 minutes minimum;
  • Wars, Pillages, Capitulations: 10 times shorter durations;
  • Great People Paid Training: x20 times faster;
  • Great People Capture Duration: Same as in x10 Realms;
  • Realm Duration: 11 days;
  • Amounts of Fun: Infinite;

Are you ready to step up your game, Your Majesties?

Sure you are!

Register until April 11th, 3 PM Server Time, at:

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