Imperia Online: Nomads Invasion XIII Launch was as Remarkable as it Can Get

400 more players than Nomads XII have registered for the classic tournament.

On March 13th, at 13:00 Server Time, the 13th edition of Nomads Invasion tournament has once again challenged the players to defend their Empires from the neverending Nomad onslaught.

12,400 players have registered for the classic IO defense competition, which is 400 more players than the previous, 12th edition of the tournament – an amazing fact, which both blew our minds off and humbled us, because it’s a testament of our players’ loyalty.

Several new features like the Infirmary and the Wonders will add new layers of meta for the players and we are very excited to see how will the participants adapt and use these features to their advantage.

As ever, the balance between attacking barbarian camps to increase their power and preserving as much lives as you can, will be the key factor of winning the tournament, which is not a small feat, considering you are under constant attack by the nomads.

And the ultimate prize? Who, in their right minds would not want his face to be immortalized in Imperia Online, by becoming a Great Person?

The 10 best players at the end of Nomads XIII will earn that honor.

Will you be one of them?

We dare you to be!

Full tournament info and latest new can be found here.


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