Imperia Online now available in Samsung Galaxy App Store and MI App Store India

Once again we expand our fanbase by making ourselves visible in big and influential stores.

Imperia Online is once again on top of things by making itself available in the “big boys'” app stores.

The first one is the MI App Store India, which is the official app store of Xiaomi, where our fans can now enjoy intense medieval hardcore gameplay and endless amounts of fun.

The second one is the Samsung Galaxy App Store, which already made us extremely happy by featuring us for St. Valentine’s’ Day on February 14th.

Now things will get even better, because we will be featured in the store again (soon to come), because Imperia Online is in the Samsung Galaxy App Store Top 20 selected titles.

What more can we ask?

Nothing. We are honored.

Good luck in the realms of Imperia, noble warriors!

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