Imperia Online now available on Kixeye

Our Flagship title Imperia Online is now available on the Kixeye portal

As a proud member of Stillfront Group, we constantly strive to grow and strengthen our connections with the other companies from the family. That is why we already work and cooperate toward mutual goals with some of them. Now we are happy to announce a promising partnership with the newest member of Stillfront Group – Kixeye.

Kixeye is a Canadian game company founded in 2009 and is well-known for its games Battle Pirates, War Commander, Vega Conflict and others. The company is part of the Group since June, 2019.

We know that you are already curious to learn more about what is going on, so we won’t prolong anymore. Here’s the deal! Our beloved Imperia Online is now conquering a new territory as being the latest addition to the Kixeye’s platform. It is now available among their most famous games, so that more Emperors and Empresses have the opportunity to rule over new lands.

Great times are coming! Go check our game on!

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