Imperia Online Now in HiGame

The Huawei Android platform joins forces with our game to make millions of players happy

Imperia Online Now in HiGame

Imperia Online is now available in HiGame. Millions of players will be able to wage war on each other on the medieval battlefields, to seek glory, prestige and immortality.

And this hardly an overstatement, because every person, possessing a Huawei smartphone will see our game featured and that means hundreds, if not thousands hours of pure medieval experience, which only the Imperia can offer.

HiGame is an Android mobile game download platform which is provided by Huawei Company.

It cooperates with famous game developers from home and abroad, and provides users with fresh and hot mobile games. It offers a list of free games and ensures its users to have fun and enjoyable experience. Currently, HiGame supports 63 languages globally, including almost all European languages.

And we don’t even need to mention who Huawei is. What’s important is that they offered us friendship and partnership. And we will answer with the best medieval gameplay their users will ever experience!

Again, we kid you not.

Imperia Online Now in HiGame

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