Imperia Online opens registrations for the epic Summer Games 2019

New disciplines and a handful of memorable experiences awaiting for you in this year’s tournament!

How do you know when summer is here?

Well, you might say something like “It starts getting warmer and warmer”, “You only see photos of the sea side on your Facebook wall”, etc. Actually, no!

You know summer is here when Summer Games begin in Imperia Online. So the time has come and we are happy to announce that registrations start today – June 12th, 3 PM Server Time!

You heard it right – the long-awaited tournament is on its way to blow your mind away! What we have prepared this year will spice things up and will keep you excited all the way to the end:

  1. There will be brand new challenging disciplines, as well as everyone’s favourite mysterious disciplines;
  2. Moreover, Alliances will now consist of 30 players, instead of 50;
  3. As if this was not enough, Barbarian Camps will be back again after their absence in the Winter games.

These and many more spectacular features are ready for you in this year’s Summer Games! Full tournament info can be found here.

Get ready to conquer and register because we hit the start button on June 21st!

Good luck Your Majesties!

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