Imperia Online: Part of the IMGA Jury Again

Our Studio’s COO Cvetan Rusimov will once again decide which are the best Chinese mobile games for 2017.


Before we wrap up year 2017, we have one more important business to take care of.

Once again we have been honored to be a jury!

Our COO, Cvetan Rusimov, will pack his bags again – this time he goes to Shanghai. There, between 11th and 15th of December, he is going to be part of the Jury at the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) for the second time. The annual IMGA China CEO Summit and Ceremony is a closed-doors exclusive event, which brings together top executives from the Chinese mobile games ecosystem and C-level execs of international game publishers.

IMGA discovers the best Chinese games, explores the hottest trends and celebrates the success of Chinese games industry.

So don’t miss out the opportunity to visit this amazing event.

We will be there.

Will you?

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