Imperia Online raises the awareness of War Child UK

Imperia Online participated with other 30 games in the initiative

We at Imperia Online try hard everyday to make the real and virtual world we live in and operate a better place. There are many things which can be done, there are many paths that can be taken. That’s the reason why Imperia Online takes part for a second year in the War Child’s initiative.

We would like to raise awareness to the fact that there are over 350 million children living in conflict zones. And today, War Child operates in over ten countries, where successfully reaches children as early as possible to ensure that they have access to education, nutrition, and security. And our team would like to be part of it, to participate and be there for more. 

That’s why this November, Imperia Online together with Bytro Labs, one of the sister companies part of Stillfront Group, IGG, Bandai Namco and many others, participated in the initiative. More than 30 games launched in-game packages and with each purchase a donation was made directly to War Child Armistice. Imperia Online donated 100% of all sold packages between 8th and 16th of November for the cause.

We would like to thank our players who made that possible and were part of it. One cause can make a big change. Each step matters! 


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