Imperia Online Realm of Legends Begins

Who is not ready for the newest and the most hardcore event in the game?

This is something we have never done before.

The very idea to have some players being voted by other players, so they can become alliance leaders and play against each other sounds absurd enough.

But that’s exactly why we have decided to do it!

Moreover – it is about time to see how the best of the best players will do, when really pitted against each other, as well as leaders of their own alliances.

Thus, the Realm of Legends tournament was born.

And it gets better – not only these 150 players will play against each other – they will have to pick 9 more allies and command them to victory. Without any possibility to replace them. The decision with whom you will play is final.

So, not only will you have to watch your back against the other Legendary players – you will also have to keep a very close eye on your friends as well.

No Barbarian Camps, no flowers to be picked, no help whatsoever – just pure PvP madness for 20 days!

It doesn’t get any more hardcore than that, for real.

Did somebody mention rewards?

We are glad you asked!

Besides the numerous medals, diamonds, immortal glory and the usual stuff we give, this time there will be something very special – the Legendary Player, who wins the tournament with his alliance, will have his name written in the Monument building, where it will be visible by all players. And he will also be commemorated in a new section in the Hall of Fame, created exclusively for this prestigious accomplishment.

What more could you possibly want?

The Realm of Legends tournament starts now.

We hope you have sharpened your swords and fed your warhorses.

The carnage begins!

Good luck, Legends!

Full tournament info at:

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