Imperia Online Speaks at Casual Connect Asia 2017

This year’s game development event in Singapore brought all the indie companies together and we were part of it.


From May 16th to May 18th the beautiful and vibrant city of Singapore hosted the first of the three Casual Connect conventions, scheduled for 2017.
It is a conference for casual game developers, publishers, distributors, and retailers. Casual Connect supports the rapidly growing casual games industry which entertains hundreds of millions of people each month and generates billions of dollars each year.

So, if indie game developer and you want to learn more about iPhone, Social, Android, Flash, Browser MMO and Downloadable games, Casual Connect is definitely the place for you.

And it is definitely the place for our studio as well.
Our COO Cvetan Rusimov was honored to be one of the speakers and he presented an interesting and very insightful lecture, titled “Why Asian Games Can’t Copy Their Own Success Overseas & How to Fix It?”

Besides his Stage Talk, Mr. Rusimov had one very busy schedule – More than 40 meetings and 4 more official events to attend to. But it was totally worth it, because when you have all the important people in business gathered in one place, you have the opportunity to make yourself visible to the game developing crowd and to meet and learn from the major players in this ever-growing industry.

So, we are looking forward to the next event of this kind and we are priviliged to be part of this amazing Casual community!

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