Imperia Online speaks at PG Connects London

It’s becoming a tradition for our studio to be a lecturer at one of the gaming’s most prestigious events in the calendar.

What better way to kick off year 2019 than to visit one of the most important gaming events in the calendar – PG Connects!

It is scheduled for January 21-22 in London and we are definitely going.

Like most of the activities under the Steel Media banner, Pocket Gamer Connects aims to be a wholly inclusive event, providing something of value to a wide range of industry players – from global corporations looking to hone their strategy right down to small indie developers seeking out a little inspiration and some new contacts.

PG Connects tackles the industry from two angles. On the macro scale we’ll look at global game publishing strategies and opportunities with a focus on the most interesting markets and hottest topics (including global regulation and brand marketing).

Representatives of key players across the ecosystem will be brought together – the marketplaces, the triple-A publishers, the indie developers, the tool makers and the analysts.

Like in the previous editions of PG Connects, we will once participate – Imperia Online’s Marketing and Business Manager Mario Vasilev will join a discussion panel: “Managing Your Community Across Platforms”.

So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood during PG Connects – come and meet us!

We will be there!

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