Imperia Online Stickers for iMessages

Our package of funny drawings has been approved by Apple.


Texting is a way of life for many.

It is the trend, the form of communication we choose, when we don’t have time to talk or we just prefer to socialize in a written way.
Therefore recently Apple developed a stickers’ module for their iMessage system. They offer a fun, engaging way for people to express themselves in an iMessages conversation without typing or using emojis.

And guess what?
We have immediately started working on our own package of Imperia Online themed stickers, because we believe that every self-respecting Emperor, who plays Imperia Online via iPhone, should expess themselves via Imperia Stickers, when he communicates with his fellow rulers via iMessages!

• Epic Warriors;
• Fair Damsels, in need of rescuing;
• Flaming Birds;
• Chests, full of shinies;
• Giant love hearts;
• Many more;

And, which is even better, all the stickers are animated, for more awesomeness, joy and happiness!
What are you waiting for then?
All of you, who have iPhones with iOS 10, should definitely check out the Stickers Store, located in the iMessages section and download our package in no time!
It’s definitely worth it!


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