Imperia Online Summer Games II – The Final Rehearsal Before World Cup

The summer tournament brings the best of the best together and against each other for one final push before the event of the year.


Yes, the summer is hot this year.

Yes, we are now in the middle of the Imperia Online’s Summer Games II, which are even hotter.
Yes, the “usual suspects” are here and they are on top of things – An0mAly and DreamTeam are once again neck to neck for the title, followed by OLIMP-1, JedyMaster_Ioda, MAYBE and many others.

And, finally, yes, we see a lot of these alliances having members from one nationality.

So, we ask ourselves – has the Game of Nationals begun? Is the Summer Games’ second edition a final rehearsal for the upcoming World Cup? It has to be. How do we know it?

Well, look at the team compositions. All the alliances, which have already won medals in the current competition have members with rich background regarding the World Cup. These guys plan everything and they plan it for several moves ahead, just like typical chessmasters. Of course they have started assessing who will their teammates and rivals be in the World. Of course plans are already in motion for every possible outcome. Of course predictions are already in place what will be the composition of the major “players” in the upcoming Clash of Nations.

Will we see the winners from Summer Games II creating the core of the main rival nations in the World Cup?
We bet we will.
Do you accept this bet, guys?

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