Imperia Online Summer Games is upon us

We cannot have a descent summer without having Summer Games, right?

Yes, the time has come.

You thought you will have an easy summer and get some much deserved rest after the World Cup emotions?

You thought you would bаsk in the sunlight, swim in the seа, cover yourself with sun-screen cream and sleep all day?

You thought we will let you have it your way at least once a year?

Think again, friends!

Because we will have yet another Summer Games in Imperia Online and they will launch just in the middle of the summer, when it’s so hot that you can boil an egg on the village Tavern’s roof!

Also, to make things worse… Ummmmm… We mean – more interesting – we buffed the Barbarian Camps, of course!

Each Barbarian Camp defeated by а player will increase the size of the army of the next attacked Barbarian Camp by a certain percentage. The increase is specific to the attacking player and will not affect the army that other players will see in the camp. The Barbarian army increase modifier in the camps returns its original value at the beginning of each day.

As usual, we will have new disciplines and new ways to make the participants’ lives miserable. But, hey – what kind of medieval game will we be, if we don’t torture our players?

If we hope to have some kind of logic, we should expect the leading teams from the last games – the Winter ones – to try to repeat their successes. So, we expect to see names like DeathSquad, Royal_Squad and Old_Friends involved in the epic battles for the precious Games medals.

We also expect totally new names, as it is already a tradition in this format.

The Summer Games 2020 start on August 3rd, 3 PM Server Time.

So, you know what to do, mighty warriors – register before that!

Good luck to all!

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