Imperia Online travels to Game Connection Europe

Our studio will be one of the important guests to this year’s European event.

The fall is upon us, which means our travelling schedule is full to the brim.

One of the major events in this schedule is Game Connection Europe, which will be held in Paris from October 24th to October 26th.

Game Connection is the international event where 2700+ developers, publishers, distributors and service providers come to find new partners and/or (in the case of service providers) find new clients.
It’s this, alongside the fact that everyone attending is there to do business, that makes Game Connection the most effective business development tool for the games industry.

Imperia Online, along with their friends from TELUS International, will have a joint stand at this important exhibition and our studio’s COO, Cvetan Rusimov will participate in a joint panel with TELUS. The panel’s theme will be “Player Support: The First Step in Boosting Player Retention / User Acquisition Math: 101” – a topic about how to attract and retain players and are they both sides of the same coin.

Later on October 25th, Cvetan will be also a speaker. He will once again share his know-how with the audience with his famous lecture ‘How to Crack Down the Great Wall of China’. If you attend his presentation, you will see a lot of Chinese Myths busted! The harsh truth is that the gate to the biggest mobile market is heavily locked, and there are plenty of other low hanging fruits out there.

If you want to schedule a meeting with our team on Game Connection Europe, feel free to write us on

Or just come and visit our stand! We will be waiting for you!

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