Imperia Online visits Helsinki for Pocket Gamer Connects

Our Marketing and Business Development Manager, Mario Vasilev, will be speaking during the event

Not long ago we told you about our participation in Baltic Dev Days, where our COO, Cvetan Rusimov was a speaker. Now… because we like to stay busy, connect with new people and share the things we learn along the way… we will be off to the next great event. But which one is it?

Well, that’s easy – Imperia Online is currently getting ready for Pocket Gamer Connects which will be held in Helsinki between October 1-2, 2019. Mario Vasilev, who is our Marketing and Business Development Manager will have a tight schedule during the event, but more on this later.

Let us first tell you more about PG Connects. This is a truly global event, which makes it one of the best places to be if you want to dig deep into the treasures of the gaming world. With its international series of B2B events in London, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Seattle and the Middle East, the conference is gathering industry leaders, independent developers, publishers, platform holders and more. With a big variety of conference tracks, there is actually something for everyone to benefit – from showing the latest industry trends and technical insights to discussing new ways to monetise and grow.

While we are trying to absorb the vastness of the event, we couldn’t be prouder to share with you that Mario will be speaking on a very interesting topic – “The treasures of the desert or why you should enter the MENA region”. He will be talking about our success in the MENA region and will share valuable insights through practical examples and cases from our own experience. And that’s not all, later during the same day he will also participate in a panel discussion covering the global publishing and business trends.

Mario will be more than happy to meet you there! Don’t hesitate to drop us a message and organise a meeting with him during Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki.

See you there!

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