Imperia Online visits Reboot Develop, Game Access and Casual Connect

Time for packing bags and travel to important events once again.


Our studio is yet again invited to several important and very prestigious events and the time is high again to saddle our horses and fill our chests with clothes and food. Because the road is ahead of us.

Currently Mr. Rusimov is in Croatia, on Reboot Develop, which is held in Dubrovnik – the town, where King’s Landing is. You don’t know what King’s Landing is? We are truly sorry for you. There he will present “Ten Hard Lessons Learned!”

And while our Director is enjoying this remarkable place of old, our Kingdoms Online title was nominated in Going Abroad category on “E-volution Awards” by Forbes! The category is for companies, which successfully develop their titles on the international market. Needless to say our Arabian game earned the crowd’s heart with its nomination last night.


The next stop will be Game Access ’17 (May 4-6), where Mr. Rusimov will share his insights with his trademark lecture – “Hacking the human brain. Irrational Thinking will triple your revenue.”

On May 17th, during his visit at Casual connect Asia, our COO Cvetan Rusimov will hold a presentation, called “Why Asian Games Can’t Copy Their Own Success Overseas and How to Fix It” – as part of the Global & Emerging Markets Track Speakers.

One question remains to be asked: Will Mr. Rusimov be asked by the “Game of Thrones” filming crew in Dubrovnik to take part in the series’ next season?
Only time will tell!

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